Sunday, July 10, 2005

Take a look at the Lead Queen ~~Mistress Rinko~~

Take a look at my picture as the leading queen for july 2005 at the

This site is a very popular site in JAPAN and it is free for the viewer.
My photo is on the first page of this site,click on the picture
if you want to see beautiful picture of me.
All pictures of me were taken at club LA MOON
which is where I perform my session.

SM SKIPPER contains numerous japanese BDSM QUEEN,Japanese Female Slaves and a
listing of the BDSM CLUBS in Japan.

Enjoy the pictures or else
If you want to see my pictures before it is changed you should hurry up
and check out the site.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sm Rated queen of japan orders to hear from you

I have a proposition for you in my next comment
About the Boots Fetish(trample ,Crush , kick ,and boot licking ) DVD that I am in.


6.21 new release[LOVE&BOOTS]Vol.10

6・21new release 【LOVE&BOOTS】VOL.10

Have you heard of LOVE&BOOTS?? A famous fetish film known all of the world. Starring MISTRESS RINKO in VOL.10 For a sample picture click here↓

I became a big fan of the series before I choose to play a part in the film. In the films there is a small amount of conversation and a large amount of nonverbal gestures as the men are slowly humiliated and driven to death by beautiful women in boots. The films are frightning for the male victim but that is what makes these films beautiful. I enjoyed myself intensely working on this film. While making this film the dark sadistic side of myself was truly satisfied it was a fantasy that became reality. I recomend that you buy this DVD